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Mercury Retrograde did everything it could to throw a monkey wrench into this recording. So you’ll hear some pops and pings in this ep. Nevertheless … they persisted! After their “What’s Good?” check in, Shontavia continues the cultural appropriation discussion from S1E1, as she compares and contrasts Kim Kardashian’s Kimono debacle with questions about Rihanna’s appearance on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar China. Tonya continues her coverage of Facebook’s Libra Coin as democratic members of the House Financial Services Committee, led by Chairwoman Maxine “Auntie Maxine” Waters, call on FB to halt Libra’s development pending Congressional inquiry. The first hearing commences on July 17, 2019.


  • SJ is heading for a MUCH-needed vacay to celebrate a big wedding anniversary.
  • TE celebrates the accomplishments of two amazing African-Americans in the news, tennis phenom Cori “Coco” Gauff who took Wimbledon by storm and blockchain mogul Dawn Dickson on her recent 10 Million VC angel raise.


  • SJ: Defines cultural misappropriation and makes a key and nuanced distinction between Kim K.’s “tone deaf” roll out of Kimono versus Rihanna’s approach to the Harper’s Bazaar China cover. The entire team was Chinese and directed by those members to execute the cover. A distinction WITH a difference.
  • TE:  Explains in greater details some of the hurdles FB faces before Congress and concerns over privacy among FAANG’s in at Web 3.0 world.


  • SJ: Don’t give away your knowledge for FREE.99. Know your value and stick with your value. Set your rates and stick to it. It’s okay to say no. 
  • TE: Watch the Facebook Hearing (Wed 10 AM). FYI, after we recorded, we learned that Mueller will no longer be testifying on that same day. So definitely tune in. 
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