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WHAT’S GOOD Shontavia talks about the most recent stop on her five-city national tour. Tonya attends the National Lesbians Who Tech (LWT) National Leadership Summit in the Big Apple. She presented at the LWT roadshow in Boston earlier this year. Shontavia goes back to the 90s to shout out Tracie Ellis-Ross and the amazing ladies from Girlfriends for the upcoming Blackish meets Girlfriends mashup coming soon.

Shontavia reminds us that she LOVES the kids! She talks about a fourth grader bullied over a homemade University of Tennessee Volunteers t-shirt that he wore during his school’s spirit day. UT got wind and started to sell the shirt and donate proceeds to an anti-bullying organization. The school also offered him a scholarship to UT. Of course the trademark infringers are capitalizing. Shontavia reminds listeners of the need to have a strong IP strategy in place, especially when you find yourself “going viral”. Both hosts give suggestions on where to begin. Then Shontavia returns to a S1E5 topic, ‘The’ Ohio State University trademark, to update us on the current status of this trademark battle. Finally, she posts up on LeBron James when she explains how the Trademark Office blocks his trademarking filing for ‘Taco Tuesday’.  Tonya returns to her crypto coverage and shares that France says it will block Facebook’s Libra in Europe. Then she talks about former Uber self-driving car exec charged with alleged theft of trade secrets from Google. Finally, Tonya breaks down trade secret basics and connects trade secret to an overall intellectual property strategy. 


Shontavia piggybacks off of Tonya’s earlier statement and reminds listeners to “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.” She ties this call-to-action with having an overall IP strategy. Tonya encourages listeners to find your tribe! Oftentimes the work of an entrepreneur or academic is isolated. And so many academics, creatives and inventors want to protect their works from others. But there’s strength in numbers. You cannot reach your creative best in isolation. Connect with like-minded spirits as you’re building. 


Fourth Grader Bullied Over Homemade Volunteers T-Shirt Receives Scholarship to UT:  

‘The’ Ohio State University loses its three-letter trademark bid:  

LeBron James Gets Shot-Blocked on His Attempt to Trademark ‘Taco Tuesday’:  

Tonya France Says It Will Block Facebook Libra in Europe: 

Former Uber self-driving car exec charged with alleged theft of trade secrets from Google:  

Basics of a Trade Secret Claim:

Episode about Facebook’s LibraCoin: 

Episode about trademarks: 

Shoutouts to Tracie Ellis Ross, Danielle Moodie-Mills, Roxane Gay, Arlan Hamilton, Cecile Richards, Alicia Garza, Gloria Steinem, Professor Carliss Chatman, and Professor W. Keith Robinson. 

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