Season 1 Episode 7: Saying Yes to Corporate Upskilling & “Nej” to Whitney Houston’s Hologram Tour

THE EPISODE Download the episode WHAT’S GOOD  In the past 16 days, Shontavia has had three speaking engagements in three different U.S. states, traveled to Scandinavia, interviewed a billionaire, and asked Wikipedia’s founder about the website’s efforts to include more diverse voices and entries (only ~18% of Wikipedia bios are about women, and +70% of […]

Season 1 Ep 6: Bullied over Trademarked Tees, Uber’s Trade Secret Thieves & France Says Non! to FB

Listen to the full episode Shownotes: WHAT’S GOOD Shontavia talks about the most recent stop on her five-city national tour. Tonya attends the National Lesbians Who Tech (LWT) National Leadership Summit in the Big Apple. She presented at the LWT roadshow in Boston earlier this year. Shontavia goes back to the 90s to shout out […]

Episode 5 – Much Ado about Trademarking “THE” and “Skee Wee” &; Meek is Free (from probation)!

Listen to the Episode Shownotes In “What’s Good?”, Shontavia shares that her “ask and receive” energy has attracted an impressive list of upcoming speaking engagements and an acceptance letter from the Fulbright Association. Tonya makes the LOGOS Top 100 List of POC blockchain influencers and celebrates the publication of her latest law review article […]

Episode 4 – SEC says YES to Nodes & Decatur parents say NO to “Hair” Brained Policy

Listen to the Episode Shownotes Shontavia and Tonya walk through the past two weeks of law, innovation and tech news after discussing what’s been good with them, which includes Shontavia’s participation in a new meme documentary and Tonya’s recent interview on the Daily Tech News Show Podcast. Shontavia isn’t happy with the recent influx […]

Episode 3 – Electric Sliding for PR and the IRS Comes for Crypto

Listen to the Episode Shownotes After deciding that FX’s Pose and Janet Jackson’s headlining residency in Las Vegas are “what’s good” this week, Shontavia and Tonya walk through what’s got them lit. Shontavia isn’t happy with Megan Thee Stallion’s trademark lawyer, who neglected to file a trademark application for the rapper’s viral phrase HOT […]

Episode 2 – Facebook Goes to DC & Rihanna Goes to China

Listen to the Episode Show Notes Mercury Retrograde did everything it could to throw a monkey wrench into this recording. So you’ll hear some pops and pings in this ep. Nevertheless … they persisted! After their “What’s Good?” check in, Shontavia continues the cultural appropriation discussion from S1E1, as she compares and contrasts Kim […]