Our Mission

We created the LIT Braintrust because we want to infuse culture into all aspects of Law, Innovation and Technology.

brain trust \ ˈbrān- ˌtrə- st \ noun

a group of advisers concerned especially with planning and strategy

We chose the term “braintrust,” because, well, this is the role we serve nearly each and every day in our work. We explore timely matters in law, innovation and tech, strategize on the biggest challenges in these spaces, and advise groups large and small on solutions. We are also committed to joining forces with others who want to have culturally competent discussions about law, innovation and tech.

We have operated at the intersections of law, innovation and tech for our entire careers and are frequently the only women and/or persons of color in many spaces (intersectionality, anyone?).

With the very, very, very low diversity demographics often reported by the tech industry AND the legal field, we want to provide culturally competent insights on everything from disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain, to free speech on the internet, the regulation of social media companies, and the intellectual property strategies of Beyoncé and the Kardashians. “We can’t find anyone” can’t be an excuse once you’ve found us!

Our podcast, the LIT Podcast, covers hot topics in law, innovation and technology with a whole lot of melanin and a whole lot of laughter.

We use our collective knowledge, brain power, and cultural capital for the good of the culture. Join us as we flex our intellectual muscles and get LIT!

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